What’s With Everyone Moving Offices to San Fran?

[Warning: there is a heck a lot of TechCrunch citing in this post. I didn’t mean to do that, they just talk about the things I think about. Explains their popularity.]

Everyone seems to be talking about different angles of this. I’ve had this post on my Drafts list for a few weeks, and in my head for even longer. I’m glad life has been too crazy for me to blog, because a few more voices have popped up in the meantime.

Levo League, a recent NYC-based startup to empower working women, recently started up a new office out that way. They got $7 million in funding, and immediately moved to one of the  most expensive places in the country to hire talent.

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Reblog: How the Internet of Things is Changing the Way You Commute

[In honor of Bike To Work Day, I am sharing this post I wrote for my company’s blog. Originally posted over at the YTA blog here.] Anyone else depressed about gas prices? Rhetorical question. (Also, apparently Antarctica is melting. So there’s that.)

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