Cooking Around the World: Angola

You know what’s awesome about Angolan food? It’s stuff I already have in my house!

Beans, rice, cornmeal mash (funge), and fried bananas just for kicks and giggles.

My main inspiration came from this blog, so I heated up some beans, cooked some rice, fried some bananas (saw that in a random Angolan recipe somewhere), and baked my cornmeal!

The cornmeal was a bit of a cheat, since it’s supposed to be tapioca flour, but you see, tapioca flour is expensive. And cornmeal is on my shelf. And cheap.

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Cooking Around the World: Algeria

Not to hate on Algeria, but I was disappointed. Maybe we did it wrong.

Couscous is a very, very popular food in Algeria, Algiers specifically. It originally came from Syria, and from what I gather, I will being seeing a lot of couscous in Northern African recipes!

The main dish was a stew of veggies and spices with the couscous, and we definitely didn’t cook it long enough, so maybe that was it!

I’m not going to write much, because there’s not much to say, except, “Oops!”

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Cooking Around the World: Afghanistan

My first experience with Afghan food (and Venezuelan food, after which I’m now anxious to get down to the V’s!) was at Pittsburgh’s Conflict Kitchen. If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, go to Conflict Kitchen.

Every six months, they feature the cuisine of a different country the U.S. is in conflict with. They have posters and flyers with interviews and information about the country from natives living both in their home country and here in the U.S. More on Venezuela, which I just ate yesterday, later.

For now, Afghanistan!

The mention of Afghanistan immediately makes me think of war and unrest, because that’s the only reason it’s really ever in the news. Obviously, there is more to the people and culture of this country than what the average American sees.


As anyone who has played extended games of Risk is likely familiar, Afghanistan is on the edge of the Middle East, close to India and ever-so-slightly bordering China

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