Cooking Around the World: Angola

You know what’s awesome about Angolan food? It’s stuff I already have in my house!

Beans, rice, cornmeal mash (funge), and fried bananas just for kicks and giggles.

My main inspiration came from this blog, so I heated up some beans, cooked some rice, fried some bananas (saw that in a random Angolan recipe somewhere), and baked my cornmeal!

The cornmeal was a bit of a cheat, since it’s supposed to be tapioca flour, but you see, tapioca flour is expensive. And cornmeal is on my shelf. And cheap.


(In my defense, the blog listed cornmeal as the proper funge ingredient!)

P.S. Those fried bananas are where it’s at. Talk about a super easy dessert if you’re craving one and don’t have any ice cream or brownies around. Although they WOULD be good with some ice cream….ahh. Bananas Foster. Thanks Angola.

(note: I have no idea where bananas foster originated from and no credible source told me it was from Angola. But cooking Angolan food put the idea of Bananas Foster back in my brain, so for that, I am thankful.

Clarification 🙂 )

Cooking Around the World: Angola

Don’t know about you, but that actually looks delicious to me. And cheap.

Cooking Around the World: Angola

Delicious! And cheap — did I mentioned it was cheap yet?


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