I Beat Pinterest Today

DIY Kitchen Dry Erase Board

That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen. The game of Pinterest vs Me is now 17-to-ONE.


That’s a real grocery list, by the way. BW’s daily diet, as it so happens. Another driving factor to expanding his food horizons.

We had registered for a refrigerator magnet dry erase board, and then I saw this on that awful horrible wonderful website.

And I remembered I had extra frames in the basement we didn’t have room for in our apartment.

And I remembered I had some scrap fabric that I loved leftover from a skirt.

And then I thought, maybe a highlighter marker will work also.

Good news: it did.

Bad news: my lone highlighter was out of ink.

So a quick stop by the store when we went out, and….


Total cost: $1.70 (for the dry erase marker)

And it’s way cuter than the fridge-magnet version.


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