Discovering Akron: The Blue Door

I thankfully visited The Blue Door a mere couple of weeks before I decided to go wheat-free as part of an elimination diet-thing.

If you want savory, you will adore this place.

First, I want to applaud and brag on The Blue Door for using so many local ingredients and suppliers! (You can find that info here.)

Second, I want to assure you all the local and fresh ingredients pay off in the best way.

When BW and I stepped inside, there were a few people in front of us in the line.

Problem: we were already hungry, because it was close to lunch time and this was our first meal of the day.

Solution: Bakery counter!

We got a ham&cheese croissant. Immediately after grabbing this, we were seated.


Guess what items on the menu looked the best to us? The Croissant Monsieur (ham, cheese, add an egg, side of fancy sauce I can’t remember the French name for) and the Monte Cristo (Challah French toast, turkey, ham, cheese).

Anyone catch the common theme here?

Every bite was heaven, although I will add the disclaimer that I was starving. Still though. Mmmmmmm.

A little history on The Blue Door: They started as The Golden Goose, when the GG owner’s son decided to shake things up. He sourced ingredients from area farmers and suppliers — although one is as far away as Wisconsin (bacon) — and committed to baking and making quality food stuffs. In the owner’s words, “We pride ourselves on using local and “healthy” ingredients, having a symbiotic relationship between the bakery and the café, and having a seasonal menu that changes specials frequently.”

They also are constantly working to give the café a European feel, as well. An exciting thing for Akron, and a trend of diversity I would love to see continue — or at least discover more of!

I was full and happy the rest of the day. Not sure of their gluten-free or wheat-free friendliness, as I wasn’t looking for it, but they do have bacon & eggs if nothing else.

Alright Akron, I guess you’re not all bad.

But you haven’t won me over yet.


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