Discovering Pittsburgh: Commonplace Coffe Co.

When you have to be in Shadyside at 9am and then in Squirrel Hill at noon, you might be unmotivated to drive back to your North Shore office in between.

At least, that was my thinking. And I’m so glad I did.

Do you know how incredibly relaxing it is to work from a coffee shop?

Aside from feeling like I stick out in my skirt and kitten-heels and pearls amidst all these beanies and flannel-printed shirts and Toms and cargo pants and skinny jeans, the stereotypical background coffee shop music is a lot more soothing than the three conversations always going on in my 12X15 office space with 5 people in it.

Startup life, amiright?

(Side note: some folks did a study on this, and started a company based around the idea that you are actually more productive with the ambient coffeehouse noises than any other noise level, including silence.)

Crap, I got distracted again.

What I started out meaning to say was, you guys really need to try the gluten-free macaroons at Commonplace Coffee Co in Squirrel Hill. Ohmylordie. SO GOOD.

As my imminent move to Akron gets closer and closer, I am taking every opportunity to discover places in Pittsburgh on my never-ending “Have to try!” list. (Un)fortunately, new restaurants open all the time, so I will never accomplish this, especially now since I am moving.

But I do plan on coming back. And visiting every chance I get.


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